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Jambo! From Artistic Expressions

This is our welcoming page.  Go here to find out about me and how to contact me.


Want to see what pages I like to check out?  Go here and follow the links!


Whew!  I've gotten quite a few awards in my career!  Check them out here.


Cheryl and I have known and still know a lot of beautiful animals who have graced our lives.  These pages will tell you about them.


I really prefer to call it "Wildlife Restoration."  If you check this page out, you'll know why!

Online Catalog

I sell the finest reference items for taxidermists, artists, wood carvers, etc.   Here is my online catalog!


Besides the reference photos, I've also photographed a number of magnificent-looking animals.  You might find a photo or two here that will look great hanging in your place!

Wildlife Art

undercon.gif (293 bytes) Yep, this area is STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

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