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Wildlife Restorations

Wildlife Restorations… the term I have chosen to use instead of the word "taxidermy."  Why?  Taxidermy, loosely translated, means "moving skin."  In this profession, however, we do a lot more than just move skin.  What we do deals more with the restoration of an animal and, quite possibly, its habitat as it appeared when it was alive.  Therefore, I choose to say that we are "restoring" an animal to its former glory.  No longer is it the common practice to hang a "naked head" on the wall; now we can put even "just a head" in its appropriate environment.  Our goal is a natural and honorable presentation of the animal.

Although I have worked on a variety of specimens from around the World, both large and small, these days I prefer to focus my efforts on the restoration of African Mammals.  Throughout my 27 years of experience, I have completed many African safari specimens… they have come to be the true pursuit of my career, especially recently.

A good restoration begins as soon as the animal has been taken.   There are things the sportsman can do while still in the field to assure this.  It is best to contact me prior to going on your hunt so that I may instruct you on the best way of bringing back a prime specimen.

Each wildlife restoration is a unique effort, and I treat each as such.   Each species has a particular behavior that can, in fact, be brought forth in a quality piece.  Prices for each creation are discussed in detail with you as we determine how to best fit your newly-acquired trophy within your environment.

Please take the time to "safari" through our gallery.  It is just a very small sampling of the work I have done and am capable of doing for you.

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