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Online Catalog

This Web Site contains our complete catalog.  You may print these catalog pages and refer to them, but all page content remains the property of Artistic Expressions of Wildlife and may not be resold, reused, or redistributed in any way.  We no longer accept e-mail catalog requests.  However, feel free to contact me at 937.376.5597 if you have a question about any of my products or wish to place an order.  Thanks!

Welcome To Catalog #3C

As always, I have been expanding my product line of reference albums and death mask castings. Id like to thank my customers past, present, and future for their continuing support and encouragement. This catalog supersedes all previous catalogs.  Check out our brand new items!

Please Note, As of January 1, 2000:
After holding the line on prices for nearly eight years, I am in the unpleasant position of having to announce a price increase on all reference items at this time. This price increase is in effect immediately. True, this is an increase, but I feel it is a minimal increase at that. It is necessary due to the rising cost of quality photo printing, as well as the rising cost of the mini albums themselves. It is difficult to maintain my prices from eight years ago in today's market.

All online prices are current and reflect the price increase.

Ordering Information

Sorry, I do not accept COD or credit card orders. All mail orders must be received with sufficient payment to cover postage and purchase, or the order will be shipped COD for balance due. There is a $50.00 charge for checks returned for non-payment to my bank. Ohio residents will be charged 6% sales tax. Prices subject to change without notice.

Special Note to Suppliers

I offer the best in wildlife reference.  My products can be a great complement to your current line of mannikins and supplies.  My references are currently carried by WASCO and Precision Mannikins with other suppliers soon to be carrying my products.  I offer wholesale pricing and net terms to suppliers: wholesale price is 30% retail (listed product prices) and payment is due a net 10 days after shipment is received (shipping not included as a wholesale item).

Special Note to Schools and Teachers

You can make my references an important part of your curriculum, whether you teach taxidermy, sculpture, painting, or any other wildlife art subject.  My products are a great learning aid.  You cannot reproduce an animal unless you know what it looks like.  I offer discounts on quantity orders: 5% discount for orders over $300 (shipping not included in discount).

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