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Artistic Expressions of Wildlife really does cover all aspects of wildlife art.  In that respect, photography is an important and recognized form of wildlife art.  It is used not only for reference (as in the albums I sell), but also for aesthetic pleasure.  Shown on the For Sale page are some of the beautiful animals offered for sale in large photographic formats (available in 8" x 11" and 11" x 14").  Prices do not include shipping.

An important photgraphic service I offer is "trophy" animal photography: professional photographs of your most -prized trohpies.  Photos are not only a nice addition to your hunt memory-albums but also necessary for insurance and identification purposes.  If, for any reason — be it fire, flood, theft, or otherwise — something should happen to those irreplacible trophy mounts, a photographic record of those trophies is indispensible.  Police departments or insurance companies can be of greater service if you could give a "visual" of the stolen, damaged, or destroyed trophy mount.  Depending upon your proximity to me, trophies may be photographed in my home or yours.  For examples of this service, please see the Taxidermy Gallery.  Call me personally for details about this service.

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