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Reference Gallery

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The following images are from actual photos in my reference album collection.   These are but a preview of what the actual albums contain.  Corresponding catalog numbers are included with the images.  I also have photos of other animals available that are not included in the albums.  Please contact me at 937.376.5597 if you have any questions.

Warning!  This page is full of gif images, so it may take a long time to load.  All images on this page are copyrighted by Artistic Expressions of Wildlife.  Images from this page may not be copied and used in any other way (including other web pages or as hard copy images) without the permission of Artistic Expressions of Wildlife.

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RP01 - Gray Squirrel

RP03.gif (11205 bytes)
RP03 - Red Squirrel

RP05.gif (12135 bytes)
RP05 - Raccoon

RP06.gif (12281 bytes)
RP06 - Otter

RP07.gif (11299 bytes)
RP07 - Bobcat

RP11.gif (11873 bytes)
RP11 - Coyote

RP12.gif (12886 bytes)
RP12 - Fox

RP20.gif (10982 bytes)
RP20 - Bear

RP22.gif (12952 bytes)
RP22 - Cougar

RP23.gif (11213 bytes)
RP23 - Wolf

RP08.gif (13601 bytes)
RP08 - African Lion I

RP16.gif (12462 bytes)
RP16 - African Lion II

RP24.gif (10934 bytes)
RP24 - African Lioness I

RP25.gif (12940 bytes)
RP25 - Tiger

RP26.gif (12491 bytes)
RP26 - Leopard/Jaguar

RP29.gif (12675 bytes)
RP29 - Zebra I

RP30.gif (11857 bytes)
RP30 - Eland

RP36.gif (14202 bytes)
RP36 - Kudu

RP08JUV.gif (13291 bytes)
RP08JUV - African Lion Cub

RP25JUV.gif (11909 bytes)
RP25JUV - Tiger Cub

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