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In Memorium

These special animals and friends are gone, but they will never be forgotten.   Each touched our lives in a unique way and will be greatly missed.

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In Memorium

floyd.gif (45372 bytes)

Pretty Boy Floyd

"PB Floyd", "The Floyd Monster",
"Super Dog", "Poppy"

Rescued from the pound one month
before we were married

Heroic acts included:
Saving our horse from colic
Raising our cat (and his "brother") Clyde
Squirrel Wrangler

Floyd was known for his singing abilities,
high intelligence, & killer good looks

Most well-known dog in Xenia

sissy.gif (21762 bytes)


"John's Little Silver Princess",
"Goddess of All Squirrels",
"The Face", "Fat-Bottomed Girl"

Thoroughly completed John's
squirrel education as well as that of
all others who were interested

"The Best Seminar Assistant I Ever Had!"

ellie.gif (20123 bytes)


"Punkin' Man", "Ellie Bellie",
"Pinky", "Sweet Pea"

Lots of names for a squirrel who had
lots of personality and sweetness

He made friends everywhere he went,
and he went lots of places

darla.gif (21418 bytes)


What can we say about Darla?
She was our "wild child"

Rescued from the jaws of a
golden retriever at 2 months-old

She always kept her wild edge!
But she was becoming a good pet

peaches.gif (29346 bytes)



Last on the Gray Squirrel list
She was actually John's first squirrel baby

She was the beginning of John's
squirrel education

She was a "tomboy"
for 11 and a half years

tasha.gif (21069 bytes)


"Our Little Red Angel"

We raised her from about one month-old
and release her when she was about
six-months old

We saw her with her family one year later

caspar.gif (32614 bytes)

Caspar Ajax

The "Playful Terror"
Never far from his beloved truck tire toy

He was the first lion we had the honor
and privilege of knowing

forego.gif (29225 bytes)


The Greatest "Handicap" Thoroughbred
to ever step hoof on the track
Three-time Eclipse Horse of the Year

One of my all-time equine heroes
He had a "come from behind"-style
of running that would stop your heart

Shown in his retirement at
The Kentucky Horse Park

pappy.gif (29243 bytes)


Great New York-based race horse
I reproduced his likeness many times
in oils for trainer Jan Nerud & had
a long relationship with Tartan Farms

Sire of KY Derby Winner Unbridled

Sire of 1998 KY Derby & Preakness Winner
Real Quiet

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